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A Message About Motherhood – The Capstone To Motherhood Month :: With Dr. Carmen J Harris

All of the month of May, the Wise Idea Podcast and our host Christopher J Harris, has focused on Mom’s, Motherhood and Mother’s Day. To close out this month, we invited and hosted Dr. Carmen J Harris, a mother of four, two decade long Educator and Administrator, and personal coach to numerous women. Although Mother’s Day has officially passed, we are still saluting all of the Mom’s out there and Dr Harris’ interview was an incredible close to this month’s focus on Moms. 

If you desire to connect with Dr. Carmen J Harris, you can check her out here: Facebook | Instagram

A Few Key Ideas:

  • If you are a mother, who is your MODEL of motherhood?
  • Who’s in your Mom’s circle?
  • How do you need to parent differently than your parents (or the models that you saw)?
  • How do you balance making sure that your child(ren) have what they need but also have a productive struggle in life that defeats entitlement?
  • What boundaries do you set for your child(ren) – regarding time, devices, activities, etc.?
  • Do you provide your child(ren) allowances? Are those allowances for grades, chores, nothing in particular?
  • Have you enabled your child(ren) to know how to respond when they’ve lost?
  • Moms, are you PRESENT (not just physically) for your child(ren)?
  • Moms, are you aware of how to ADVOCATE for your child(ren)?
  • Dr Harris provided 3 impactful, yet simple questions that helps to cultivate open lines of communication with your child(ren).

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About Our Host:

Christopher J. Harris, a native of Palatka, Fla., is currently Executive Pastor of Crossover Church of Tampa, Fla. He is also the Director of Administration & Vision Implementation overseeing the day to day operations of the Atlanta Headquarters office for Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. He’s served at ministries in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Chicago,IL. He’s an author and blogger and most recently wrote a book titled, Temporary Assignments. He’s an alumnus of Florida State University, University of South Carolina, special studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and doctoral work at Nova Southeastern University. Harris currently resides in Florida with his wife Dr Carmen J Harris and their children.

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You can see his Social media here on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and LinkedIn ALL at @CJHarrisOne

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Thank You’s:

My family for their commitment to the vision to inspire wisdom in others and release me to endeavors like this. To my Producer, Kevin Scullion. To Dr Harris for her insight, candor, transparency, and loving wisdom. (Note: Want your name listed here? Leave a review of this podcast and you may find your name listed here…)