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Episode 098 – A Journey Towards Health, Healing and Wellness

We are at the end of a year.  In this case, we are also preparing for a new decade. Over the next few weeks and into the new year, The Wise Idea Podcast will be focusing on how to prepare for a new year (and a new decade!) regarding your spiritual life, physical health, mental health, professional/career life, financial awareness, and relational life.

Our host, Christopher J Harris, will welcome guests on the show to discuss various aspects of how to grow and develop in these areas.

This episode is a continuation of last week’s conversation with Mr. Chris Mentor, a Professional Fitness Trainer and CEO of Mentor’s Muscles who also serves a post-rehab specialists. This week’s episode is actually a message that our host delivered this week to an audience about the role of faith in our lives towards improving our quality of life.

The Goal is simply this – we want to enable individuals to begin to be INTENTIONAL about their health and fitness goals.

Here are two books recommended from this message: 7 Pillars Of Health | Healing By Design | What Would Jesus Eat? 

A Few App’s that were recommended: LoseIt | WaterMinder | 7 Minute Workout Review

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About Our Host:

Christopher J. Harris, a native of Palatka, Fla., is currently Executive Pastor of Crossover Church of Tampa, Fla. He is also the Director of Administration & Vision Implementation working collaboratively with the Presiding Bishop’s Office and Administration for Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. He’s served at ministries in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Chicago,IL. He’s an author and blogger with two books, Temporary Assignments and Church Strategies and Ministry Systems. He’s an alumnus of Florida State University, University of South Carolina, special studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and doctoral work at Nova Southeastern University. Harris currently resides in Florida with his wife Dr Carmen J Harris and their children.

You can check him out here:

You can see his Social media here on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and LinkedIn ALL at @CJHarrisOne

Here are Christopher’s Theological Beliefs:

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My family for their commitment to the vision to inspire wisdom in others and release me to endeavors like this. To my Producer, Kevin Scullion. (Note: Want your name listed here? Leave a review of this podcast and you may find your name listed here…)